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Federal Firearms Transfers    $30.00

Whether you are an experienced handgun owner, or a novice, choosing the right firearm is a big decision.   

Consider what is best for you and then find that perfect handgun.  Once you make your choice, as a Federal Firearms Licensee(FFL), Majik Firearms can help you purchase your handgun, if you like. 

When you are ready to place your order, we can accept the shipment and complete all the necessary paperwork with you when it arrives.


After you get your firearm, you may want to learn how to be a safe gun owner or to get your License to Carry.

Remember our instructor is:

  • USCCA Certified Instructor

  • NRA Certified Instructor


  • Certified to teach Texas license to carry (LTC) classes


  • Teaches classes for Constitutional (Permit-less) Carry

  • Teaches classes on firearms safety, handling, and basic shooting


Call or email if you need assistance

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